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An Esoteric Martial Arts Practicum

The Well Wishers Present; “An Esoteric Martial Arts Practicum.”

Perspective, beyond Style.  How all Styles are pieces of the same system.

Don’t empty your cup, just get a bigger cup.
When this Practicum is complete you will have an understanding of:
Moving without Moving, or Stillness in Motion.
How all movements can be based on four postures, eight angles, and three circles of depth and expansion.
How the Five Phases( produce powerful movement in the Generating Cycle and in the interaction with an opponent in the Controlling Cycle.
How the yin yang of the Taijitu Symbol ( forms the powerful spiraling ascension of force from the floor up into your torso that is released out of your upper limbs.
How to project intention in to or out of different parts of your body.
Breathing from your heels.
Reverse breathing.
Deeper understanding of speed, power and timing and how they are related to the Golden Ratio.
The two types of timing: internal and external.
How to create, condense and expand your Etheric Double, body.
How martial arts can be a high spiritual path, beyond self and duality, where being well-versed in the fighting science is concurrent with spiritual training.
This Practicum is intended for those with at least a two to three years of understanding in their respective specialties of martial arts, yoga or dance.  Also, anyone interested in martial arts or the esoteric sciences can attend as a spectator.
There will be space for up to twenty participants and thirty spectators.  If it fills we will start a waiting list for a future one..
To be held at Arnott Kenpo Karate
 2012 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock,
CA 90041,
Saturday, May 28, 2016.  3pm
This has been one of the most asked for Events.

Text you name to (323) 748-5028 to reserve your free place. Say participate or watch.

Or this:
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$10 at the door.

If you want to see this recorded and put on line, please donate to The Well Wishers.


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