The Wellwishers

We wish you well.

The Well Wishers is a public non-profit organization
aimed at providing education, dialogue, research and exploration
into the well being of humanity and the planet earth.

Let’s Learn about Plants!

The WellWisehrs Presents: Let’s Learn about Plants!
June 4th, 3 PM @ Frogspot

How-to information and good medicinal Herbs to grow in your garden. You can make your own medicine, its easier than you think! We will show you how to make plant tonics, teas and elixers, and go over some Herbal folklore & Old Farmer’s Almanacs signed for self-care.
Boost your plant knowledge wit hthe WellWishers at the lovely Frogspot on the Los Angeles River.

Special Guest: Nadia L. practices permaculture & herbal medicine. She uses healing diet & herbs as tools to reclaim health independance. She is based in Beachwood Canyon. Email her at

2825 Benedict St
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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