The Wellwishers

We wish you well.

The Well Wishers is a public non-profit organization
aimed at providing education, dialogue, research and exploration
into the well being of humanity and the planet earth.

Take A Field Trip to Chinatown with the Well Wishers!

Chinese medicine traces roots into Taoism and shamanism. Get to know Chinese herbs and understand how to integrate them into your daily life. The Well Wishers will take a small group to meet the owners of one of their preferred shops. They’ll share products and information on the worlds oldest continuously recorded medicine.

Also, before we enter the shop we will teach an internal alkemic technique to make wings in etheric body that you can actually feel!

Meeting Feb 28 9:00am Sunday morning.
As the shop is small, attendance will be raffled from the people who share this post with the #thewellwishers

If this gets lots of interest we can do more, but for now, after you shared, put your name in the comment section on the facebook page.

The people who get picked will be FB inboxed the details.

This will be a fun event and sorry for the limited space.

The Well Wishers




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