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The Well Wishers is a public non-profit organization
aimed at providing education, dialogue, research and exploration
into the well being of humanity and the planet earth.



On November 1st, the Day of the Dead and all Saints,  the Well Wishers will be diving into our bones.


Did you know that you glow in the dark like a Jack-o-Lantern?


you, yes you, every one of you are RADIOACTIVE and are in fact, emitting a GLOWING LIGHT.

This is due to several things,

Your entire body glows from the process of respiration in every cell, as they have discovered from research in Japan.


Your bones also contain the same ingredient that causes all those glow in the dark stickers you have seen to self illuminate when exposed to light, namely Phosphorus.  When a certain type of phosphorus is exposed to us, white phosphorus, it can cause our jaw bones to glow as if lit.

“On damp, murky nights these scattered skeletons gave forth a soft, hideous glow like very faint spots of moonlight staring the vague desert.  It was because of the Phosphorus in the bones, but no scientific explanation could keep a body from shivering when he drifted by one of those ghostly lights and knew a that skull held it. ”  – Roughing it by Mark Twain

But the MAIN cause of glow is thought to be from RADIOACTIVE POTASSIUM INSIDE OUR BONES.

On average, humans receive 0.4 mSv (40 millirems) of cosmic radiation. People also receive about 0.5 mSv (50 millirems) of terrestrial radiation. We also inhale about 1.2 mSV (120 millirems) of radiation from radon gas annually.

The human species is also internally radioactive due to the potassium in our bones which exposes our tissues to 0.4 mSv (40 millirems) of ionizing radiation. So being in constant proximity to other human beings increases one’s exposure to ionizing radiation.

So if you lived with at least one other person in your house, you would receive 0.4 (40 millirems). That’s more than ten times as much radiation as you would receive by living near a nuclear facility. If you lived in California and moved to Colorado, you would receive 45 times as much ionizing radiation as you would living next to a nuclear power facility.

 This substance is all over the earth, its even largely present in BANANAS .
We aim to raise awareness of this natural process within our longest lasting body parts and attempt to see and feel it in ourselves and others by practicing several techniques together.
Please join our Processional as we radiate upon each other.


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