The Wellwishers

We wish you well.

The Well Wishers is a public non-profit organization
aimed at providing education, dialogue, research and exploration
into the well being of humanity and the planet earth.

The Well Wishers want to aid Humanity in Evolving beyond Dualistic Thinking


Here at the Well Wishers, we recognize there is a lot of suffering present in the human condition.

We are aiming to help decrease a specific cause of suffering through practices and teachings.

A significant contributing factor to suffering among human beings on the planet earth is Dualistic thinking.

Dualistic thinking is behind most predjudice, ignorance, racism, sexism, nationalism, tyranny, and arguably behind fear itself as a force in humanity.



We think there is something we can do about it.

The Well Wishers are offering teachings that include developed activities for people to practice and learn that can raise thier minds out of dualistic thinking through awareness of it.


upon receiving enough funding for budgetary needs, the Well Wishers intend to distribute these teachings for FREE to the general public.

These methods are a combination of various ancient practices along with the teachers personal experiential insights.

The Well Wishers believe that through disseminating these techniques and teaching as many people as possible to COME OUT OF DUALISTIC THINKING we will eventually spread this ability of the mind  to all corners of the globe,

This ability, to free the mind from duality, is arguably as important as literacy because it allows each individual to use their minds in an unbiased fashion.

The minds of ALL HUMANITY can develop by teaching ourselves how to navigate our own intellect for the good of all through learning discernment and releasing all inaccurate and uneccessary fear based dualistic judgements.

Each individual must climb the ladder on their own, but the methods can provide a path and structure to go through the process of releasing Dualism to arrive at unbiased objective truth that contains this and that, good and bad, male and female etc…

Similar techniques were at the heart of the founding of the scientific method of Descartes.  If one examines the process Descatrtes engaged in to arrive at the scientific method, we see that he goes into an argument with an evil demon inside his own mind.  A demon that negates everything he says.  this is an example of  an ancient practice of positive/negative dualistic dialogue.

Much like this:


We will be presenting an example of a technique to rise above Duality at the event September 25th in Los Angeles

Finding the Invisible Wall; Revelations of Practical Alchemy
To register for the event please click here and send any donation amount you like

the Address will be released in an email upon ticket purchase

Thank you!




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