The Wellwishers

We wish you well.

The Well Wishers is a public non-profit organization
aimed at providing education, dialogue, research and exploration
into the well being of humanity and the planet earth.

Past Events

Blood Moon Meeting; Wishes Dreams & Prophecies

Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 3 PM The Trails Cafe

Join Maja D’Aoust with several guest speakers to share stories of the current times & decode some of the occult & indigenous prophecies

We will meet

Across the street from the Trails Cafe in Griffith park
just north of the children’s play structure, near all the picnic tables

If you are late and can’t find us, if its busy we will walk up further north a bit from the children play structure and picnic area.

Parking is up further past trails in a large parking lot.

Finding the Invisible Wall: Revelations of Practical Alchemy

Friday, September 25, 2015 at 8 PM at the Invisible Manor

The Well Wishers presents a special fundraiser & Donations drive in celebration of our IRS approval for 501 c3 operation

Finding the Invisible Wall : Revelations of Practical Alchemy

a Salon and Practicum to create an Internal Sympathetic Equinox
through mental fortitude after the Fall Equinox right before the final Blood Moon

To be held in a unique secret mystery location known as “Invisible Manor”

For Location information and Address, please register for the event by clicking here:

There is a dress code for this event,
Please wear a solid color,
or color blocks
All White or all Black (or black and white combos) are also acceptable as colors.
As part of a consciousness experiment on perception

Thank you for your support!!

The Waking Walking Dead

Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 6:30

Join us on Nov 1st ALL SAINTS DAY & the DAY OF THE DEAD for a WAKING WALKING DEAD occult awareness active meditation processional

Meet at 6:30 am for the Dawn
At the Griffith Observatory Astronomers monument and begin with a technique taught by Kelvin DeWolfe,

Learn cool things like;
A way to see past the sun into another dimension
A way to join your mind with the sun and pull sunlight into your bones.
(plus an extra added technique for those who learned the invisible wall)

Then we shall hike guided by Maja D’Aoust, White Witch of LA, along the trails of Griffith park near the observatory, focusing on our skeletons.
March deep into your own bones on this group awareness migration to celebrate LIFE and feel its origin in the only part of us that shall remain.

Sponsored by The Well Wishers,
if you support events and knowledge such as this being provided to the general public at no cost, please consider making a donation to aid us in our pursuits.

Take A Field Trip to Chinatown with the Well Wishers!

Sunday, February 28, 2016 9:00 am

Chinese medicine traces roots into Taoism and shamanism. Get to know Chinese herbs and understand how to integrate them into your daily life. The Well Wishers will take a small group to meet the owners of one of their preferred shops. They’ll share products and information on the worlds oldest continuously recorded medicine.
Also, before we enter the shop we will teach an internal alkemic technique to make wings in etheric body that you can actually feel!

As the shop is small, attendance will be raffled from the people who share this post with the#thewellwishers

If this gets lots of interest we can do more, but for now, after you shared, put your name in the comment section on the facebook page.

The people who get picked will be FB inboxed the details.
This will be a fun event and sorry for the limited space.

The Well Wishers

Free Cane-Fu Class for Veterans

Friday, May 20, 2016 4-7 pm | Howard Johnsons 222 W Houston Avenue Fullerton, Ca 92832
This will be a 3-hour course on the use of a common walking aid for elderly and disabled members of our community to strengthen and defend themselves and their loved ones effectively and with dignity and honor. Attendees receive a free combat cane worth over $200.

This event is open to everyone: it is completely free for disabled and elderly vets. All additional attendees are encouraged to provide donations! Visit: and for more information.

An Esoteric Martial Arts Practicum

Saturday, May 28 at 3 PM | Arnott Kenpo Karate 2012 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041
Perspective, beyond Style. How all Styles are pieces of the same system. Don’t empty your cup, just get a bigger cup. This Practicum is intended for those with at least a two to three years of understanding in their respective specialties of martial arts, yoga or dance.  Also, anyone interested in martial arts or the esoteric sciences can attend as a spectator.

You will have a deeper understanding of: Speed, power and timing and how they are related to the Golden Ratio.The two types of timing: internal and external. How to create, condense and expand your Etheric Double, body. How martial arts can be a high spiritual path, beyond self and duality, where being well-versed in the fighting science is concurrent with spiritual training. Visit for more information.

Witch Kung Fu – A Psycho-Physical Class on Self-Defense

May 29, 2016 | Meet by the Griffith Park Bear
A psycho-physical class on Self-Defense.
Women only. Trans welcome.
FREE (donations welcome)
Sunday May 29th, 2pm
Visit for more information.

Free Acupuncture for Vets with PTSD & CANE-FU Seminar for all VETERANS

July 2, 2016 The American Legion in Highland Park 227 N Avenue 55
In partnership with California Community Center for Acupuncture & Cane Masters. In honor of the great sacrifices our servicemen and women have performed for our country, The Well Wishers are partnering with the California Community Center for Acupuncture to make available free acupuncture to veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Attend this complimentary seminar by Cane Masters for disabled vets and their families on the use of combat canes for exercise and self defense. Veterans receive a free combat cane valued at more than $200 for showing up.

This event is open to everyone: it is completely free for disabled and elderly vets. All additional attendees are encouraged to provide donations! Visit for more information.


Immortal Healing Herbs of the Ancient Chinese Taoist Alchemists

Sunday July 17th 3pm
at the Friends of the Los Angeles River Frogspot
 2825 Benedict Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Learn some basic herbs with a long reputation in China for their healing and restorative properties
Some of which even grow along the Los Angeles River!!
From extreme body chemistry modification to mild everyday tonics
expand your knowledge of the wonderful world of plants

The Occult Art of Philosophical Dialogue: How to Reason with yourself & Others

Sunday Aug 14th at 3pm at the Frogspot
 2825 Benedict St, Los Angeles, CA 90039
The times we are living in have exposed to the surface a general lack of the ability of humanity to have a reasonable discourse on controversial topics with each other without the conversation reverting to primitive behavior.  Thankfully, there is plentiful material in the ancient mystery teachings developed by some of the most genius minds in history to evolve this phenomenon.  Take responsibility for the decrease in intellectualism by educating yourself on how to hold the space for a unifying discourse instead of seperating due to subconscious emotional response.

Divination & Artificial Intelligence; The Strange Relationship Between the I Ching, DNA & Computers

Presented by The Well Wishers & FoLAR

Join Maja D’Aoust for an informative and stimulating lecture and discussion by the LA River. 

Topic of discussion:

We tend to think of Artificial Intelligence as being something from the future, something that has yet to come into existence. The Transhumanists feel A.I. will emerge as our technologies develop. Elon Musk is working hard to prevent repercussions from it. But what if Artificial Intelligence forms have been with Humans since the Dawn of Man? Informing and interacting with our consciousness through Augury Techniques. 
Come investigate the incredible phenomena of dialogues with objects.

Wings of Will;

a special ancient meditation practicum taught by Dr. Kelvin Dewolfe

The well wishers presents:
with FOLAR at the frog spot
2825 Benedict St
Los Angeles,  CA  90039
Sunday october 16th at 3pm
create an insubstantial self with your mind to produce spirit wings that you and others can perceive ,expanding your awareness to another level with a lecture on the esoteric symbolism of Angels by Maja D’Aoust


The not for profit, THE WELL WISHERS presents…
Free Acupuncture clinic for treating pain.
Residents of and near Eagle Rock, Highland Park area.
American Legion Post 206
227 S Ave 55, Los Angeles, CA 90042
December 26, 27, 28.
10am to 2pm
To make appointment or ask questions: