The Wellwishers

We wish you well.

The Well Wishers is a public non-profit organization
aimed at providing education, dialogue, research and exploration
into the well being of humanity and the planet earth.

Giving Tuesday




Would you be interested in a real life Hogwarts Academy in Los Angeles?

Would it be alluring to you to be part of a real X-men school ?

Do you want to learn Kung Fu?

Please consider donating to The Well Wishers this Holiday season

we aim to provide a facility to investigate psychic phenomenon, explore esoteric healing principles, study sacred geometry and mathematics, learn about healing herbs plants and entheogens, examine philosophies and religions of the world, use multiple divination systems, follow scientific history and current advancements, learn music and art, train in martial arts and yoga disciplines, research Alchemy, participate in group consciousness experiements, learn ancient meditation practices and examine multidimentionality.

This and more will all be provided to the general public for free while simultaneously giving support to teachers and masters of their disciplines to to share their knowledge in a public format.

We are wishing the world can be a better place, and working to make it so.

Join us in our pursuits of advancement of humanity right here in our own neighborhood

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